About the Office

The Honorable Dorothy Brown created the Office of the Inspector General in 2003 under the guidelines of the Cook County Inspector General's Ordinance. The purpose of the office is to receive and investigate complaints of fraud, waste, mismanagement, abuse and misconduct by employees of the Clerk's Office.

The Honorable Dorothy Brown appointed Mary Melchor as the Inspector General of the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in September 2005. Ms. Melchor, an attorney, also holds an M.B.A. in Management and an M.S. in Special Education.

The Inspector General's Office consists of the Inspector General, the Investigations Department and the Audit Services Department.

Inspector General

The Inspector General oversees all investigative reports and audits submitted for review. All HOTLINE calls will come in directly to the Inspector General. All Online Complaints will be handled directly by the Inspector General. The Inspector General can be reached directly at 312-603-0464.

Investigations Department

The Investigations Department conducts thorough investigations on complaints of infractions to the rules and regulations of the Clerk's Office as well as customer complaints of misconduct.

Audit Services Department

The Audit Services Department reviews and monitors the recording of legal documents in the official court docket of the Clerk's Office and conducts financial and operational efficiency audits.

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